Tips for flying economy class - economy seats

Tips for flying economy class

Here are some of my tips for flying economy class.

  • At check-in, ask if there are any spare seats on the airplane. If there are as whether you can move so that one of them is next to you – giving you more room to spread out.
  • Build you status up up with you airline of choice. High airline status increases your chance of a seat upgrade and it will also provide you with lounge access before the flight.
  • Invest in a Priority Pass membership (roughly £259 annual membership, or free with an American Express Platinum card) Lounge access is good for loading up on food and drink before your flight. Priority Pass
  • Buy a bottle of water once airside to have on board if you don’t have lounge access.
  • Pay for exit row or a bulkhead seat. On a long-haul flight the cost of this extra space is worth it, particularly if you are tall.
  • Pick a seat that suits you. If you don’t want to be distubered and are confident about not wanting to use the bathroom on a regular basis, then window seats are for you.  If you like getting up and stretching, then an isle seat is a better choice. Avoid the middle seats whenever possible.
  • Some airlines have now started to cram more seats in the that normal. Ten seats across instead of the more normal nine across.
  • Take a portable battery for your smartphone and or tablet. Just in case the plane is older and does not have power sockets next to the seat.
  • Avoid sitting at the back of the plane. It tends to be noise, bumper, it often takes longer to board and to disembark. You may also be disturbed by people waiting to use the restrooms that stand next to your seat. Take a look at SeatGuru to find the better seats on your flight.
  • Board the plane early so you can find a place for all of your cabin bags in the overhead lockers. Ideally directly overhead. This will cause less hassle if you want things from it mid-flight.
  • Dress in loose fitting clothes. You will be sitting down for quite a few hours.
  • Try to wear layers. Temperatures in the cabin can vary widely. Layers will help you adjust more easily.
  • Compression socks are important if you think you suffer from DVT.
  • Wear slip on shoes, or ones that are easy to take on and off. Taking boots on and off at security is a pain.
  • If you normally wear contact lenses consider wearing glasses for the flight.
  • Carry a small toiletry bag. With a toothbrush, toothpaste, moisturiser, facial mist, lip balm, nasal spray to help with dehydration.
  • Take a packet of wet wipes with you. Tray tables can be left sticky and some people like to sleep on them.
  • Take a good neck pillow. Sleeping without your head nodding forwards or sideways is important.

    Tips for flying economy class -Neck pillow

    Tips for flying economy class- Neck pillow

  • If you suffer from a back back consider taking a bolster.
  • Take some snack along that you enjoy.
  • Bring your own set if earplugs incase the airlines does not provide them. Bring a pair of headphones preferably noise cancelling ones. Along with a selection of music you enjoy.
  • Download some films and advance incase there are none you are interested in on plane. Or that there are none at all.

I hope that these tips for flying economy class helped make you flight more enjoyable.

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