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So it begins

So it begins, I have been asked many times by family friend’s even strangers where is my blog about all my adventures traveling the world. I have always given them the same answer. That I have been to busy with work or actually traveling around the world. Well I thought that it was about time that I changed that and have took the time to start this website.

I think I should start with a little bit about me, my travels and when I actually got the travelling bug. Travel was not a big part of my life until I was past my twentieth birthday. Before that time it was just the usual annual British holiday in a caravan in some coastal resort. The year after I turned twenty I decided to make a change that I wanted to see more of this world than just parts of the UK. So I took a flight to Vienna then a small bus ride to the Bratislava the capital of Slovakia to meet a friend.

That one trip changed my outlook on life and the world. It was an eye opener to see a different culture. To be in a country where I didn’t speak the language. After that trip I decided I wanted to see and experience as much of the world as it is possible.

Since then I have done at least two trips abroad. Sometimes as many as five a year after that first trip. I have visited some far flung corners of the world from deepest Russia to middle of Africa. During my travels I have met some truly amazing people along the way, some of who have become close friends.

I will take your on those travels with me. I will give you tips and tricks to make holidays much cheaper. Which would give you more money to see the world with too.


Come and join me on the journey.


So it begins


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