My travel bucket list

My travel bucket list

Here it is my current travel bucket list. All the places I want to visit to things I would like to do or both. If you feel like I have missed something and that I should add it please leave a comment down below.

Travel Bucket List

  • See the northern lights
  • Visit Galapagos Islands
  • Trek Machu Picchu
  • Visit New England in Autumn
  • Visit Patagonia
  • Sail on the amazon river
  • Visit temples of Angkor
  • Watch the Serengeti’s migration
  • See a whale
  • Visit Taj Mahal
  • Trek to Everest base camp
  • Dive the Great Barrier reef
  • Watch the sunrise over Bagan
  • Stand on Antarctica
  • Visit temples and gardens of Kyoto
  • American road trip coast to coast
  • American road trip route 101
  • Drive the Great Ocean Road
  • Walk the great wall of china
  • Visit Easter Island
  • Travel the Silk Road
  • Madagascar Avenue of the Baobabs
  • Visit each continent
  • Visit every country of the world
  • Climb the highest mountains
  • Watch a rocket launch
  • Visit Japan during blossom season.
  • Vist North Pole
  • Visit South Pole

More will added soon 🙂

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